We collaborate, we create, and we celebrate life. 
We believe in brainstorming 30 bad ideas to get a great one!
We are a team of diverse writers with more than seven decades of collective experience in print, web, radio, TV, documentaries, movies and OTT, working together in a writer's room.  
We create binge-worthy TV shows and high-concept films that are edge-of-the-seat thrillers, killer action, comedy, dramas and more. Our screenplays and TV scripts have been placed in International Screenwriting Contests such as BIG-BREAK, PAGE and JIFF. 
We are open to work-for-hire and are adept at taking producer notes to create pitching materials for distributors and OTT platforms, including five-season TV show Bibles.
Are you looking for a high-concept film/TV series or have a great idea for a show?
Our writers in the Orchid Room will tell your story in the most compelling way.
We are storytellers...We tell your story!
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