ALMOST normal
Almost normal is a debut film under “The Kyo Project”. It is a story about the hopes and dreams of a young boy Tapas who has always wanted a normal life and has been denied it until he turns 26 when he decides to bravely pursue his dream of studying and going abroad despite having no formal education. With the help of his elder sister he finds a college that will enroll him. He wins a prestigious photography contest in his college one day which instills confidence and gives him hope for possibilities of a future despite being a wheel-chair bound paraplegic boy.
This is first of the many voices we would like to narrate under The Kyo Project.
What is "The Kyo project"?
Kyo” in ancient Japanese means “Voice” and it also stands for “Truth.” “The Kyo Project” is a platform that engages with society to identify and highlight stories of hope that can inspire action for change. We want to tell the stories of social change through individual transformation. Our approach is people centric and not issue centric, where each individual’s potential for change is respected.
True Voices…Real People! We help communities build ties with one another and help each other by amplifying the voices of the people through films.
The idea first came when we set up Orchid Room Productions a few years ago that has at its core a philosophy of optimism and inspired action. In a way, the inception of The Kyo Project is synchronous to Orchid Room Productions. Through it, we will use our expertise as filmmakers to engage with dynamic social action groups already working on the ground.
Our core team consists of researchers, writers, cinematographers, video editors, graphic designers, sound engineers and directors. Each one of us has been engaged with a variety of social issues and as storytellers we bring that collective experience in finding the most inspiring approach to every story that we encounter.
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