ORP STORYTELLERS APP is a one-stop app to find storytellers in the Print and Digital Media.

Are you a scriptwriter, cinematographer, graphic designer or video editor in print or digital media in English, Hindi or any vernacular language? 
We are looking for storytellers at Orchid Room Productions to join our team!

Orchid Room Productions provides Digital Media service from articles for magazines, to blogs on the internet, to screenplays for documentary films and independent cinema. Whatever be the format, audio-visual film, radio spot, TV promo, vignette, web series, television show, short film, documentary feature or a feature length cinema...
We are a team of writers, researchers, editors, graphic designers, sound designers, cinematographers, directors and producers with more than seven decades of collective experience in print, web, radio, television, cinema and documentary films both in India and the US.
Tell us your story using our app and the type of digital media service you are looking for.
You can also book an appointment with one of our storytellers instantly using our app.
We collaborate, we create and we celebrate life.
Find your storyteller @ ORCHID ROOM PRODUCTIONS
We tell your story!
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